The Science of  Maintaining a Youthful Life
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Healthy Living Tips in Shreveport, LA

A client was curious about what is the best exercise to do.
While there are many options to choose from, it really comes down to this:   

It is the one that you like doing.

Ten Tenets of A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Purpose:  Find your WHY
2. Brain Health:  Love your brain; learn something new
3. Healthy Relationships:  Loved Ones; Right Tribe
4. Spirituality:  Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
5. Stress Management:  Down Shift
6. Sleep Fitness:  Shoot for eight hours
7. Nutrition and Gut Health
8. Hormonal Balance
9. Body Movement
10. Financial Health

An Important Component to the Ten Tenets of a Healthy Lifestyle is Proper Hydration. The focus is on electrolyzed reduced water.


Silver Medal - Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Living Tips  - Skin Care

Skin Care

Our skin is the largest, fastest-growing organ of the body.

Achieving radiant, soft, and supple skin requires both internal and external care.

Internal keys to great skin include healthy nutrition emphasizing hydration and antioxidants.

A sound skin management system creates a more youthful appearance.

Studies show that external skin care should include a five-step layered technology.

Five Steps for Healthy Skin

Step 1: Cleansing - Establishes a Soft Smooth Texture
Step 2: Rejuvenation - Improves Firmness & Softens Wrinkles, Giving a Lifted Appearance
Step 3: Resurfacing - Improves Sun Damage & Pigmentation Issues
Step 4: Hydration - Improves Skin's Moisture to Help Reduce Inflammation
Step 5: Protection - Against UV Damage Keeps Skin Healthy & Radiant

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